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Traditional & Modern/Civil Funerals

Funerals in Ireland are intwined with our history and our culture, but new ideas about how we commemorate and celebrate a love one’s life as we mark their passing, along with an ever-widening spectrum of cultures, traditions, beliefs and philosophies of life means that old traditional ways do not suit everyone today. Some might consider a more personal service for their loved one as opposed to a more traditional religious service. while some see the chance to have that personal service after their church service as a chance to honour their traditional religious values while at the same time creating a more intimate celebration for family and friends.

At Lakelands, we welcome your ideas for your loved one’s farewell and our funeral service coordinator will work with you to create something truly unique and memorable.

To give our client families and friends some guidance in selecting a funeral service that is meaningful, we have put together answers to questions about different types of funeral options.

Traditional & Modern / Civil Funerals - Lakelands Funeral Home & Crematorium Cavan
Just because someone is interested in cremation does not mean that the family cannot have a viewing and funeral service. All of the customs and ceremonies associated with a traditional funeral can still be performed prior to the cremation taking place. For these occasions, we offer economical cremation caskets.
Traditionally, funerals are held in a church, which is still a common practice today. However, there are several other options. Funeral services may be held at our funeral home or can even be held at the gravesite or cemetery chapel.
It is becoming more common to tailor a funeral service to the personality of the deceased. Prayers and remembrances offered by family and friends, favourite music, treasured belongings, pictures and mementos can all play a major role in making the final tribute fitting and moving. The family can choose to assemble a display containing family photographs, favourite possessions, items from a hobby or awards the deceased received. These items help shift the emphasis of the services to the memories of the person’s life, rather than on the circumstances of their death. Personalization can also be added by simply choosing the most appropriate services and products available from the funeral home. These include cremation and its various service options.
While every family is welcome to make arrangements with their own minister or celebrant, our Team Celebrant can meet with you to discuss and arrange a funeral, be it a burial or cremation that will be as unique as the person we are remembering. Services can be held at home, at the graveside or a chosen venue, or here in one of the two service rooms in Lakelands. The Order of Service can reflect the life, interests and character of the deceased, and be a truly memorable tribute to them.